Amanda Cormier

I am a writer and editor based in Berlin.

I guess I’m also a Content Strategist, but I’ve always thought that “Content Strategist” is just a fancy, corporate term for editor.

I write “stories” and “copy” and “copy that’s a story.”

I wrote a story about Polish bras for The New York Times:

Content strategy + SEO consultant

I want to collaborate with people who already know that *every* brand is a publishing company in 2021.

AND, important: people who want to create ambitious, rigorous, evidence-based written content for a very smart consumer.

The articles my team produced at Clue regularly appeared above Wikipedia for Google searches in the U.S., Brazil, and Mexico, for searches like “orgasm” and “menstrual cycle.”

I like aiming big and I like doing it right.


I’ve led content at several health apps with topics that I couldn’t talk to my family about: sex, poop, and periods.

I was VP Content at Kama (sex), Director of Content at Cara Care (poop), and Head of Content at Clue (periods).

What MIT’s Nieman Lab said about my work at Clue:

Before all that, I learned how to be an editor during 5 years at The New Yorker (intern —> managing editor of website. I was also the managing editor at National Journal‘s print magazine in DC (RIP—it was non-partisan political longform for a readership of lobbyists and members of Congress).

More detail on my work history is on LinkedIn, if you’re curious.

Email me! I like getting emails from human beings: cormier.amanda.l at gmail dot com

Photo by Delphine Millet