Amanda Cormier

I am a writer and editor based in Berlin.

I guess I’m also a Content Strategist, but I’ve always thought that “Content Strategist” is just a fancy, corporate term for editor.

I write “stories” and “copy” and “copy that’s a story.”

I wrote a story about Polish bras for The New York Times:

Content strategy + SEO consultant

I want to collaborate with people who already know that *every* brand is a publishing company.

+ people who want to create ambitious, rigorous, evidence-based written content for a very smart consumer.

The articles my team produced at Clue regularly appeared above Wikipedia for Google searches in the U.S., Brazil, and Mexico, for searches like “orgasm” and “menstrual cycle.” Brought traffic from 50k to 4M monthly sessions.

I like aiming big and I like doing it right.


I’ve led content at several health apps with topics that I couldn’t talk to my family about: sex, poop, and periods.

I was VP Content at Kama (sex), Director of Content at Cara Care (poop), and Head of Content at Clue (periods).

What MIT’s Nieman Lab said about my work at Clue:

Before all that, I learned how to be an editor during 5 years at The New Yorker (intern —> managing editor of website). I was also the managing editor at National Journal‘s print magazine in DC (RIP—it was non-partisan political longform for a readership of lobbyists and members of Congress).

More detail on my work history is on LinkedIn, if you’re curious.

Email me! I like getting emails from human beings: cormier.amanda.l at gmail dot com

Photo by Delphine Millet